Lush haul

Something I can’t resist is those Lush stands at Christmas time (well leading up to it anyhoo) this time I have tried 2 new items…

Bath bubble fizzy things, I always get these as gifts for people but am now finally trying them, oh my, even the smell of them in their packets is making my home a dream to walk into. The bubbly one has worked well (candy mountain), I will be using the Christmas one (luxury lush pud) when the boy goes away this weekend and I can have a long relaxing bath.

I am also trying “fun” for the first time ever, on the packaging it says you can use it to wash clothes, I gave this a go with my delicates and it works a treat, keeps them soft and they smell devine. I thoroughly recommend giving this a go and it was only $10. Seriously, I can’t recommend this enough!

Also just going to put it out there that Pink Fun is replacing my love of Snow Fairy, the smell is so much better!



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