Life Overhaul – Energy and Health Edition

Lately I have been feeling a little off – tired, bloated and just generally lacking energy so took to facebook and reached out for some ideas on what could be going on.  I had so many people with amazing input and have been trialing a few things to see what can make me feel better. Maybe this is what getting older is all about.

So firstly I tried a a few things that didn’t work but I will be going over the things that did.

1. Lactofree – I was lucky enough to be offered a pack of this to try, it essentially gives your body extra suppprt to help it digest dairy which most adults are in some way intollerant towards. When my doctor told me I shouldn’t have milk as I get discomfort and bloating from it, I almost screamed! I love ice cream, lattes,  cheese and really anything made from cows milk. Having one of these before milk products was perfect at stopping my bloating and no discomfort…yay.
Another great thing is that I used to spend extra money on the special A2 milks and lactose free ones which are actually quite expensive, I don’t have to buy these anymore and am saving money.

2. Vitamins – the main ones I was looking for was vitamin d and something with B12, the blackmores womens vitality really has everything you need as an active woman and good for mood which was my main concern for that time of month. Vitamin D because I work in an office and don’t get enought sun time.

3. I bought a treadmill,  this is a win because I get home so late and my dog hates walking long distances. I just have my tablet in front of the treadmill and play nextflix episodes,  this has made me feel more confident and long term will help my overall health.

These 3 changes have made me feel amazing and im so happy that I don’t have to have a can of Red Bull everyday, what I thought was an iron deficiency turned into a bit of a whole approach to my life. I can now eat dairy with no issues, have the energy to work out and all round happier. My next life overhaul is going to be my skin care routine.

P.s. try lactofree on your boyfriend, it actually reduces the tooting haha.





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