Byredo – Mojave Ghost perfume from Mecca Maxima

About once every 6 months I look for a new perfume, I went into Mecca Maxima and had a smell of some Diptyque candles and a brief look at the Byredo stand, I sprayed one on my wrist but thought it was too potent and just walked out. An hour or so later and I got this amazing smell of something a little vanilla, a little musk and a whole lot sophisticated…. it was the perfume! It had completely changed and was so devine. At that stage I was already in my car, had paid my $50 parking fee and on my merry way to Ikea. As soon as I got home that night I got onto the website to get it, it came in the post in 3 days and even came with 3 samples for shopping online. I suggest you try this one on, I bought Mojave Ghost.





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