Christmas list

My Birthday and Christmas are really close, so here are some items you will find on both of those lists!  I love the celebration of Christmas and just can’t wait for it to be here, most people look at the Christmas decorations when they come into the shops and think it’s way too early, I tend to think it’s late!! I enjoy spreading the Chrismas spirit over the longest distance of time I can! it’s such a fun time of the year. I hope you enjoy my list as much I would yours!! x

Peter Alexander Get Lei-ed Tank 39.90Peter Alexander bow tank short gift set 69.90

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy Shower gelOroton heart script key fob 55.00

MOR cosmetics Marshmallow scented candle 59.95MOR cosmetics Marshmallow sugar body scrub 39.95

Fleur wood Food Fashion Friends fashionising

1. Peter Alexander Pyjamas!! I love the sets they do for Christmas!!

2. My daily signature scent (Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture), I’ve always got heaps of perfume, however I would love to go one step further by layering the scent to make it last longer throughout the day!

3. Oroton Key Fob, to put on my Oroton bag, the new keyring designs are all so cute!

4. MOR Marshmallow scented candle and sugar body scrub, this is my night time scent so there’s no better way to compliment yourself than with a room to match!! If you buy the candle on-line you get a cute box of matches that go with it…. amazing!

5. A pearl ring to go with the gorgeous earrings and necklace by boyfriend got me this year!

6. Food fashion Friends by Fleur Wood

That’s definitely not all, I’ll be adding to this list probably every day!

3 thoughts on “Christmas list

    1. Oh thanks! I have so many items to add to it again!! My birthday is the 12th of January, when’s yours??

      How exciting, its December tomorrow…. Christmas is in 25 days!

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