Snuggie Phenomenon

WOW, have you seen the most recent addition to the Snuggie line? It's the "Designer Snuggie" and guess what..... its available in 3 new designs: Leopard, Zebra and Camel! haha. I think this is hilarious, maybe design a belt to go with it, but put it in 80's "fashion prints"? I'm not sure that makes…


Just wondering how easy it s to take for granted the beauty that you are surrounded by... I know that sometimes I can become a little bit overwhelmed by the idea that by going traveling I will be surrounded by much prettier things, but I am going to make it my mission to see beauty…

Lucky Spot. Stella McCartney

So I fell in love with this when I saw it. Love at first sight... possibly. It's a piece by Stella McCartney titled "lucky Spot" and consists of thousands of Swarovski crystals in a chandelier type format forming a 10ft tall horse. It's a tribute to her late mother and I think its just beautiful!