Cleaning and conditioning your leathers

I recently looked at my Givenchy Antigona and realised how much I had been mistreating it, it had been about 3-4 months since my last clean and condition, this has started to make the bag shape a little off. The things I use are in the image below and the steps I use them in.

1. I use the Mr.Sheen wipes for once a week cleans

2. I use the hosehold leather care kit usually one a month, the kit has a cleaning solution, conditioner and sponge to apply the xonditioner, follow the instructions on the box for best results.  I find the best place to get leather care item is from car part stores or high end bag and leathergood stores.

3.  After doing the leather care kit I use the water and stain repeller to keep everyyhing safe and  as a bit of a security blanket.

I think the most important thing to do after cleaning and conditioning is to stuff the bag with tissue paper and let it sit in the dust bag for a  few days to ensure it doesn’t lose shape while it is mosturised.

Doing this once a month will really make your items last so much longer. Remember they are an investment!


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