Christian Louboutin pink point heels

I’m so excited, I have been wanting bubblegum Pink Christian Louboutin points for a long time and finally they have bought them back in the style of Pigalle Follies, they are a 100mm height and oh so perfect! If you have seen my instagram (@niccifrankie) you will have noticed I had posted these same heels over a year ago, and when I saw them on Khloe Kardashians Instagram I just knew I had to find them somehow, so after a long search they were at the Brisbane city David Jones the whole time. Anyway take a look, at first I didn’t like the ‘toe clevage’ but now I really like it, oh and my jeans are from Valleygirl. X






4 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin pink point heels

  1. I am so Jealous of your shoe collection! It’s like eye candy and Looks amazing. I have being eyeing the christian Louboutin with the spikes for so long! just not sure if i can pull it.

    1. Oh they are the perfect shape for everyone, the white with coloured spikes are so cute!! Thank you too, my collection is small but i do love it!! Xxx

  2. Nicole – do you know if they fit the same as the Pigalle Plato? I wear a 39 in that style & not sure right size to order! Thanks

    1. I have no idea, so sorry, i’ve never even tried the plato, compared to a Pigalle, I think they are a little less covering and tiny amount smaller. I hope you got yours ok!!! Generally I have found they are pretty true through the sizes and styles though! x

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