On the weekend – supporting my man and catching up with friends!

I had the most amazing weekend, my man candy had a big event for the motorsport he loves, drift matsuri, it’s pretty much a get together with hundreds of guys playing with well designed cars, hanging out and skilled drivers having a great time. I love it because I get to help him by being creative and picking colours and shapes for the visual components on the car. I have zero mechanical ability so lets not even go there!
So anyway most girls probably think I’m crazy by putting up with car stuff all the time, but seriously I am so happy I found a guy who has a good hobby that brings out the best in him and allows him to use his talents.
There are plenty of awesome girls that come to the track too and it’s so great to catch up with everyone! Pics below are snapshots of the weekend. ♡

Oh and go take a look at my friends blog a chic duo, it’s really cute and inspiring! That’s her in the pic below on the left.







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