Water that’s good for you, fiji water

I am a firm believer of not needing fluorinated water. Without sounding like a hippy, I’ll just say that it goes on teeth, not in your body. Anyway, I’ve been taking silica gel for the past 2 months to help grow my hair and as blonde I usually can’t grow my hair past my shoulders. I have been using the Q-silica brand gel and I have seen great results, not only is my hair growing faster on my head, so is my leg hair. That’s not so great but it’s a small price to pay to have better hair on my head!
Now lets get to the actual reason for this post, I have found a water that has natural occuring silica in it, it’s fiji water and I can only find it at IGA stores and online so far. It also doesn’t have any flouride in it, so if you’re looking to start putting good water in your body this is definitely the way to go for more reasons than one! Below photos are just for fun. πŸ™‚





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