Hype – Triangl, tinytea and frank bod

One thing I hate is hype and over done trends.

Triangl bikinis – these are all over insagram…. and guess what  they are the most uncomfortable bikinis I have ever worn. I fell for the trap because they looked so comfortable but no, the complete opposite! Check out this girl, fab body and look at that digging in!! Not a good look.


Skinnyme tea or Tinytea – its a bunch of well marketed laxative teas that you’re paying $60 for 28 days worth (52 tea bags…madness). Have you heard about this amazing thing called water that’s really good for you? Oh and a packet of senna tea will do the same thing for you for one eighth of the price.
While we are at it, stop thanking brands for sending you items that you purchased! You should expect it to come, and we can all tell you didn’t get it as a gift from the brand!


Frankbod – coffee exfoliation? You do know starbucks give away all their used ground beans for free? I find it very amusing that there’s a culture of youths taking pictures of themselves with coffee all over their faces, it looks hilarious! This guy is awesome!


Those shorts/skirts that have a v shape in the crotch, they have been on instagram for at least 12 months and now everybody thinks they are the newest thing because they are finally in Australian stores…. they are old, ugly and my boyfriend says they remind him of a hungry crotch


So my goal here is to point out that just because you can follow the crowd, doesn’t mean you win at all! Here I am with an uncomfortable bikini thats only purpose so far is to appear on my instagram feed with 15 likes and make me feel self conscious cause it is so stiff and pushes on all my bad areas with no flattering effect at all! Don’t be a sheep, your individuality is much more admirable!

2 thoughts on “Hype – Triangl, tinytea and frank bod

  1. Yes I totally agree with what you have written! Personally I find Triangl bikinis really ugly – I hate the black contrast trim. I was surprised to see it pop up everywhere.

    1. Haha yay! I’m not alone! It’s crazy how caught up people get, and I admit I fell for it, but never again!! They are so uncomfortable. I would love to develop a product that has major hype though yo make a tonne of cash haha xx

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