In constant search of improvement – social skills

I have a constant want to be improving myself, I’m not sure why however I know it isn’t a bad thing.  This is a list of things I feel are important to remember to improve social skills as a lady.

Being good at listening is the best way to make other people happy, when you’re listening to someone and they feel that you are enjoying what they have to say they will be more likely to enjoy their time spent with you and repeat it in the future.

By remembering important dates and information, you are telling people you genuinely care about what makes them happy.  I have a horrible memory so I get around this by writing everything I need to remember in my phone calendar and on my wall calendar.  Write birthday cards always and thank you notes when possible.

Be polite in all circumstances, if you need to get away from someone who is on another level to you, just tell them you must be going to the bathroom or getting a drink, they don’t need to know you aren’t enjoying their company.  Also in a social situation if something unfortunate happens like a friend falls over, do not assume they will be ok with you making fun of them, check their reaction, if they are happy to laugh off something embarrassing do it with them however if they feel embarrassed help them out and remain calm, and if it is you that is the embarrassed person do your best to laugh it off, people will love you for it.

Give compliments with sincerity, people can see through a fake compliment so always be truthful and do not go overboard.

When you are out there are so many things that you can get worked up over, but just make sure this is a moment where you let go of all negativity, even if there are people surrounding you that you are not quite fond of, remain relaxed and the vibes you give off will make them envy your easy going nature.

Remember that there are always going to be 10% of the population that hate you for no reason, so don’t take anything personally, it’s usually just jealousy as you are such an amazing human being their judgemental attitude just can’t handle your gorgeousness.


Image by fresh photography


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