Shopping Centre Etiquette

If you’re reading this blog then chances are you are pretty good at shopping, but with Christmas fast approaching I think we need to talk about the unspoken rules of the shopping centre. I am by no means the shopping centre police however id love to get other peoples thoughts on shopping centre etiquette. So here goes…

When walking in the shopping centre I always pretend I am in my car, always stick to the left! or which ever side is favoured in your country.

If you are in a group, never stand more than 3 people wide, even 3 is pushing it especially if you each have a heap of bags full of Christmas present goodies.

When trying on clothing, don’t leave the items in the fitting room, either give them to the shop assistant or if they have a return rack put them there.

If you bring your kids shopping, they shouldn’t be allowed to touch anything, they mess everything up and break things.

When standing in line waiting to be served, don’t put yourself in other peoples personal space. This is my biggest pet hate!

And the final one, closing time is exactly that, don’t hold up the poor shop assistant just because your time management skills are lacking, let them go home on time!!

Does anyone else have thoughts on ways that we can enhance our shopping experience through plain old good manners?

christmas shopping centre

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