How to take your classic lipsticks into the new season – DIY lipstick

If you’re anything like me, you will find yourself to never be entirely happy with the newest trend shades of lipstick because they just don’t work for certain skin tones, I came across an amazing idea that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of before.  A lot of magazines claim that they have found one product that can change your life, and now I am taking on that claim and telling you I actually have too!  The amazing product is Napoleon Perdis China Doll Gel Eyeliner in alabaster, it is a waterproof white eye liner that is usually used to rim your inner eyes to make them look bigger and whiter, I am not using it for that, instead I will be mixing some old classic lipstick favourites and giving them a facelift! Below are some images showing the different colour gradations that can be made with all lipsticks by adding a little white.  Most will transform into a pastel shade but this can be controlled by adding tiny amounts at a time of the white or by starting with glossy lipsticks.

Firstly you will need a few products to get the base right, below I have

Napoleon Perdis foaming makeup remover

Priceline emergency lips cleaning wipes, these are great at exfoliating the lips and are a must have for your handbag or if you’re going on a holiday! trust me!

Sukin Nourishing Lip treatment which is a product I have recently got into because I used their Rosehip Oil and loved it, I’m not usually into the hippy organic stuff however this brand is changing me!

Nivea Repair and Protection lip balm, this is a beauty staple, I have the dryest lips known to man and this is the only thing that I find that works, use it every night if you have issues with dryness.

cleaning and nourishing lip products
Next you will need the lipsticks you want to update (they should work with your skin tone already, I am using from left to right Inglot no. 194, Revlon living lipstick in Orchid Beach and Lancome rouge Symbole in 46) as well as the Napoleon white eyeliner and a lip brush, I use a Manicare angled eye brush as a lip brush because I have a strong cupids bow so I find the precise lines of the angled brush works better for me, you might be able to try that too, see what you think!

old lipsticks, napoleon china doll eyeliner and angled lip brush

The first step is to find a palette you can mix your colours on, I used a plastic container from some false eyelashes, just make sure it is either white or clear so you can see the true colour.  Start with a lump of the original lipstick and gradually add more and more white to new piles, and try them on, I started with the lightest colour and built it up to the darker ones, I find that you will eliminate the colours that don’t work much easier if you start that way.

lipstick colour gradation

lipstick colour gradation

lipstick colour gradation

my lipstick pots with the colours i made

I ended up with a gorgeous coral red and a bright pastel pink, I had some spare little containers from a travel cosmetics set and put some in them so I have a great new lipstick for next time I need it!!

Good luck with your lipstick experiments, let me know how you go and if you have any great ideas related to beauty share them in the comments section!!

ladylikei Nicole birett

My new pink lippie 🙂

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