Classy Hen’s Night Ideas

My sister is getting married soon and as Maid of Honour, I had the duty of organising a Hens night for her.  The main issue I found when looking for things to do and decorations is the lack of classier options.  My sister recently was very sick and at the moment is unable to have more than two glasses of alcohol a day however is a huge wine lover, this was a perfect opportunity to do something a little out of the ordinary and very special so here I just want to show some pictures and tell you all about how we created, what my sister calls it the most amazing Hens Weekend ever!!
Firstly we decided on renting a huge house at Mt Tamborine on the Gold Coast in Queensland, this is such a beautiful area and is a wine making region with lots of gorgeous wineries to visit, this became the central theme of the event, with a busy schedule filled with yummy wine, food, dessert, fun games and a beautiful view!

Here’s some great hens night ideas that wont have that tacky stigma attached

  • Cooking classes
  • Cocktail making classes
  • High tea
  • Pamper session in a luxury hotel like Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast
  • Perfume making
  • Photoshoot

Some great game ideas

  • With a few note pads and pens, make each attendee write down one or two really special memories that they have shared with the bride to be, after everyone has finished, put them all into a box and each person can draw one out around the circle and read out the memory, the bride to be has to guess who the memory was with.

here’s some pictures of it all!

These are the invitations I made, I am a graphic designer but I specialise in specialty invitations so I had so much fun designing everything!


Mt Tamborine View



lanternsCupcake stand


Heritage wines hens day Mt Tamborine

naughty napkin


wBreakfast Mt Tamborine restaurant

Some Business that I highly recommend if you want to do something similar at Mt Tamborine are:

Tamborine mountain tours who were willing to change the plans a little and even fulfilled our request to do fudge, chocolate and cheese tasting on top of the actual tour for just a small extra fee.  They really were the friendliest tour guides and made our day so nice.

Mi Bride and Groom, an online website where you can a heap of lovely decorations that wont fill your celebration space with tack, they even did an over the phone order for me for the special colours that I wanted the bridal party sashes to be, I had a strong vision of light pinks and they were able to do a special order for me.

Ido house for amazing accommodation that caters for lots of people.

9 thoughts on “Classy Hen’s Night Ideas

  1. beautiful work! I love the tags what font is it ? and also, i must have that red floral dress where is it from? Thanks 🙂

  2. oh thank you so so much that is so lovely of you!!!! you have the most beautiful taste and style. I am also organising my friends bridal shower and this is the perfect font. Thank you! 🙂 Couldn’t find the beautiful poppy dress though sadly 😦

  3. A photo shoot is a brilliant idea because you will actually have a tangible memory from the event that you can keep forever instead of forgetting all of those blurry moments dancing on tables. – Craig Wiese

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