Time to make a change – positive goal setting

I have a fear that one day I won’t be able to see, I have bad eye sight and wear contact lenses everyday.  This fear I have is probably the fuel for my love of beauty because one day I may not be able to see it.  But this is one thing we must remember never to do, we must not be fearful of what the future holds and embrace each day with the enthusiasm it deserves.  One thing I like to do every year is write a list of goals, and recently found a little ‘bucket list’ journal.  This journal has a front page where you can write your top 10 things to do before you kick the bucket, there is also 52 pages where you can write your ultimate goals for your life. I counted the pages because yet again I am fearful of what it means, it means that my life will be summed up in 52 goals! When I eventually decided on 2 things to write in there I did it in pencil because I was fearful that I might change my mind or even worse, what if I fail? Now the goal of this post is to let you know that we all find it difficult to create goals, and are fearful of failure. One thing I want you you do right now is get a piece of paper and write a list of 5 short term goals and 5 long term life goals. I promise when you look back in one year you will have completed at least 3 of your short term goals! Now that might not seem significant, however imagine you never did it, you would never know the feeling of beating that fear of failure and that in itself is an amazing feeling! Good luck!!



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