I’ve fallen in love with a fad… Floral pants

I’m not usually the type to get over hyped with fads in fashion and tend to stick to lasting style pieces in colours and prints that match me and my body shape, however this goes against all of my aforementioned traits and I can’t get enough of them.  Winter is on its way in Australia and I’m sure as it gets cooler and closer to spring these will be everywhere, this country is quite slow at adapting trends so I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a full year to see decent versions of these popping up in our stores! Check out my absolute favourites that you can find on-line for now.

Dolce & Gabana Floral Print Trouser  248Euro

Dorothy Perkins Floral superskinny jeans

Erdem cropped floral trouser $1024


1. Dolce & Gababa $343 Floral trousers. 2. Dorothy Perkins  £30.00 Floral super-skinny Capri jeans. 3. Erdem cropped floral trouser $1024. 4. H&M floral trousers, sold out but you can find them on ebay for about $50 here if you’re lucky!

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