Just as good, maybe even better

I’ve loved this Azzaro dress for a long time and found a great version of it at Forever New a few months ago, I was so unlucky at the time because they didn’t have my size and it was a dress even my boyfriend liked enough to tell me to try it on 😦 so I walked out of the store unhappy but had thought about that dress as it reminded me of a better copy of the Azzaro dress I had found on weheartit much earlier. Well to my surprise whilst shopping for a dress to wear to the races for my sisters birthday I found that my Forever New dress I had wanted so badly was in store AND it was on sale!! So as you would, I tried to look for my size…. nowhere to be seen,  so a long story short I went for a big drive and found my dress in my size, now I have it!! So if you’re looking for this, go to Forever New right now! they are on sale for $129.95 down from $169.99, such a good price considering the Azzaro version sells for more than £1,880 and is now sold out.

azzaro-spring-2011 Bow and Embellished dress

Forever New Bailey Embellished Bow Dress

Here are two other amazing pieces from that Azzaro Spring 2011 range

Azzaro Spring 2011 tiered dress white

Azzaro Spring 2011 black bow scalloped dress

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