Marie Antoinette, Queen of France

I’m not sure if it was the movie that sparked my enthusiasm or just the curious nature of the time and lifestyle she would have had, either way her life and death is so very interesting.  She was guillotined on this day in 1793 in Paris, I don’t believe it was something she deserved but it happened and it makes for an interesting story, the decadence and life of luxury she had goes far beyond our wildest dreams.

So I’ve got a few images that I love that are from the movie and show the beautiful costumes (designed by Milena Canonero).

Roses Opera Marie Antoinette

Roses Marie Antoinette

pink stripes Marie antoinette dress costume

bright pink Marie Antoinette Dress

Garden Dress Marie Antoinette

Vogue Cover Marie Antoinette

Vogue Photoshoot Marie Antoinette

Images found here

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