Ladies of Motorsport

Behind the scenes there are some really important ladies that have a huge role in the Motorsport scene, I always though that it was a man dominated sport, and this is true, but there are some great spectators that are amazingly passionate and make it all so much prettier.

Below: Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone (President and CEO of Formula 1 Grand Prix), this girl may be the future of Formula 1.

Petra Ecclestone Formula 1

Petra Ecclestone F1 formula 1 bernie ecclestones daughter

Peaches Geldof at the Formula 1 Grand Prix Monaco

F1 Grand Prix Monaco Peaches Geldof  2011

Paris Hilton, has her own 125cc MotoGP team, Blu Sens SuperMartxe VIP

Paris Hilton Montmelo MotoGP

Nicole Scherzinger, Lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls and wife of Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1 driver)

Monaco GP Nicole Scherzinger F1 Formula 1

Beautiful Lauren Vickers, Randy De puniet’s (MotoGp Rider) Playboy bunny girlfriend

lauren vickers playboy bunny Randy De Puniet

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