Visual Advertisement Pleasure

I have an issue…. I buy lots of magazines and I hate to keep them because they just create so much clutter so what I do is rip out my favourite pages and keep them in a box and every once in a while I go through and have a look at what i’ve got.  Now i’ve got a huge pile of pages that I love rather than a cupboard full of images I don’t love! So i’ve picked out a few of my favourites that i’d like to share with you!

Alex Perry Gown for Bazaar, Water Bar, Sydney

Chanel Blake Lively by Karl Lagerfield Mademoiselle Handbag Collection

Chanel 2011 magazine advertisement Spring-Summer 2011 teaparty

Chanel 2011 magazine advertisement Spring-summer 2011 Embroidered lambskin classis flap bag inspired by Jardin a la Francaise and Bicolour graphic mesh pullover

Wheels & Dollbaby advertisement

Versace Women

MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga advertisment magazine

Burberry Prorsum jacket


David Koma Wool and Silk

Burberry Prorsum

Colour, Blouse - Carla Zampatti, Skirt - Charlie Brown, Scarf hat and fan - Hermes

Typical Guess Model, Beautiful

2 thoughts on “Visual Advertisement Pleasure

  1. QUICK QUESTION: I can only pray that you answer this question in time for tomorrow morning. Would you possibly have a magazine title and date for the Lady Gaga viva glam ad?? Shot in the dark, I know. But it’d mean so much if you knew

    1. Oh I am so sorry I don’t! And look at me replying 4 days late! If you still need the details I dont mind searchibg through to find the page and i can look at the back for more info?

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