Sport isn’t really my thing

I’m not much of a sport fan and don’t find myself yelling at a tv ever, in fact, I am completely repulsed by those that do!! The one sport I do enjoy though is the MotoGP, I’ve enjoyed watching it for years and have always wanted to go and finally I have someone who is just as excited about it as me. So our accommodation is booked and we paid for our VIP tickets today and we will be going to Phillip Island in Melbourne in October.
Now I have an issue… I freeze in the winter (and it will still be soooo cold there in October!!) so I am going to get together a list of my must haves for this cold weather as I have become quite the professional at keeping warm without looking frumpy!!
The first thing is a hand/body warmer, they come in pouches and some have adhesive on them, you get the best ones from ebay and they last up to 24 hours. They are great because you can use them where you are cold without anyone noticing!

Thermals are my second most important keep warm strategy, they come in all shapes and colours and make a huge difference, I buy the singlets and pants and wear them under my clothes. You’d be surprised how easy it is to fit under a pair of skinny jeans!! (the ones below are from Topshop)

A great thing about winter is the abundance of boots available, you can generally find a few good versions that are synthetic but highly fashionable at a reasonable price, it pays off to shop around to find a nice pair though, the more they look like real leather the better. Always wear lovely fluffy socks with them too!
Finally a nice head warmer such as a beret or cute beanie is perfect, they often come with matching scarves too so get them both!

So now you can have all the fun you want without the weather holding you back


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