Excuse me.. manners?

There’s something that is drilled into us from an early age and it has become aware to me now, that it’s time that I brushed up on these skills.  These skills are called manners.  I have found that with the daily stresses that seem to plague us, there is a kind of selfishness that we all possess.  No one is as important as you are, and that’s all we know.  Well that is untrue.

Did you know that your elbows are not allowed on the dinner table, you should always bring a gift of wine to a dinner party or send flowers on the day, and being late is the most self absorbed thing a person can do.  There is a lot of ‘rules’ that people can stick to that will help them become decent human beings, but most important of them all is the want to be a better person in the beginning that matters.

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